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The creation of the UMAC Team marked a new era in the development of martial arts

The most important principle of the use of technology in martial arts is respect for one’s opponent and a worthy assessment of him.
It is these principles that Team UMAC promotes for all members of its club. The club is always happy to welcome new athletes, both beginners and professionals, to its ranks. The development of such ideas and increasing interest in them among the people are the main principles. In addition, the club provides its members with invaluable experience in mastering military equipment, tactics and even weapons (in certain types of this sport people use weapons). Fights are presented as certain masterpieces.

The history of the development and formation of the flow of martial arts in the world

The history of the development of various types of martial arts began in the 10th-12th century of our world.
This process began in the eastern lands of the Asian continent, namely in a country like Japan.
The first fighters who promoted the ideas were military samurai, who used these techniques to display the attacks of opponents, since military equipment was not so developed at that time. After several centuries of such teachings, martial arts have been recognized as an educational sport, as they temper the spirit and physical condition of a person.

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This moment is unofficially considered the birth of the modern development branch of various sports – kickboxing, muay thai, karate and mixed martial arts.

The principles on which the work of Team UMAC is based

This crew was founded back in the 90s of the 20th century. The martial arts have been the Foundation of UMAC’s main goals from the very beginning. Team announced that it will promote the development of ideas and actions aimed at increasing interest in martial arts of all segments of the population of all ages.

UMAC itself claims to be guided by the principles of respect and equality in the provision of services to its members.
Crew offers its members the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills in the use of techniques of various martial arts Muay Thai, karate, kickboxing, mixed martial arts.

Thus, it can be argued that the club adheres to the principle of professionalism very strictly. You can also talk about the principle of equality and respect for oneself and one’s opponent during combat.


Team UMAC provides its services to everyone

Crew is committed to the idea of ​​equal rights in providing knowledge to its members.
Thus, various programs are available for each member of the club, which vary in type of body structure, physical fitness and degree of professionalism.

Everyone can find something for themselves – both a beginner and an experienced fighter. Team UMAC employs a team of highly qualified professionals who are also very talented. It is this factor that can guarantee quality training and martial arts training for club members. The instructors in the club are not only well trained in techniques and tactics, but they themselves have experience of participating in various international championships with prizes, have personally visited Asian countries several times to exchange experience and improve their skills. Club members can be sure that after such programs and classes no one will remain dissatisfied with poor quality.

Your development in the field of martial arts is the mission of the UMAC Team

As we have already said, Team UMAC has gathered a team of real and worthy professionals within its walls.
Their main mission is the quality education of all members of the club and everyone who wants really important information, techniques and tactics, which originates in Japan during the periods of the 12th-13th centuries.

Moreover, the trainers themselves can boast that they have personally visited Asian countries more than once, studied the culture and their traditions in martial arts from the first person.
Another interesting fact is that all members of the Team UMAC team regularly take various courses and training that are aimed at improving the skills of coaches.

Among the most main activities that the club is engaged in, the following can be distinguished:

  • Ensuring high-quality training and training of athletes.
  • Conducting various master classes and seminars for club members.
  • Preparation of athletes for international tournaments and martial arts championships.
  • Dissemination of information about different types of martial arts.
  • Devotion to the principles and purposes established by international federations and associations.
  • To our great pleasure, the club at this stage is very successfully coping with its goals and principles.

Respect is the main principle of Team UMAC functioning

Team UMAC claims that any fight and any strike tactics are not possible without respect, the fight must begin and end with respect both for oneself and for one’s worthy opponent.
It is respect that is the basis on which Team UMAC was originally founded.
Everyone, from the youngest club members to martial arts professionals, initially trains in a spirit of mutual respect and even encouragement.

Since the main goal of martial arts is not to inflict a blow to the enemy, but to fight valiantly, as was customary in the doorways of Japan.
At the very beginning of training in Team UMAC, they can determine how quickly a person is able to develop his body, brain, muscles and a healthy spirit.

Thus, the club distributes among ITS members all their efforts. Team UMAC itself claims to its athletes that if their goal is to maintain good physical and moral shape, achieve personal motives, study personal defense techniques and protect others, as well as the desire to participate in high-level professional competitions, then the club is happy to help everyone achieve the required level of growth and development.