Martial arts originated a very long time ago, around the 13th century AD in the eastern countries of Asia. A few years later, the development of the use of a fighting tool, such as the katana sword, began. Until now, this trend is not only maintained, but is gaining momentum in its popularity with greater speed. Today we invite you to figure out what a katana sword is in general, what parts it consists of and what are the advantages of owning it.

The history of the origin of martial arts using the fighting sword

According to approximate historical data, for the first time the sword began to be practiced in battles somewhere in the middle of the 15th century in Japan. Then such tools were used during the training and training of military samurai, and a little later this tradition was adopted by the ninja culture. Whatever it was, the use and ability to wield a sword was not only necessary for the Japanese military, but over time, such activity was turned into a separate sport, a type of martial art practicing auxiliary tools. Since then, to this day, such a weapon has not lost its power, and the athletes have not lost their interest in it.

The essence and features of the katana sword

A katana is a sword made of steel. As we have already said, it was originally used by military samurai in Japan, this explains its composition. A standard sword has its standard dimensions – usually the length of the blade is about 68-69 centimeters, and the handle itself varies from 27 to 30 centimeters. In total, the sword is about a meter long.

An interesting point is the tool manufacturing process. The katana blade is created by stacking thin layers of steel on top of each other, so the blade is very sharp and the body is flexible. This manufacturing process is traditional, but long. To date, innovative methods have been invented, for instance, using monolithic steel, cutting out the desired shape from it and hardening it to get a sharp and rigid base.

All parts of the sword are important for use in martial arts

Since the instrument is a common and rather old martial instrument, it is very important to have its component parts. All parts of the sword can be divided into primary and secondary. As the name implies, the main parts are played by the main parts that you need to know to properly control the blade.

Right now we want to acquaint you with the most vital parts of the sword, knowing which you can easily understand the essence of owning and controlling the instrument.

A or Ha (as it is commonly called in the Eastern world) – this is the name of the cutting edge of the katana blade itself. In order for the blade to be firmly fixed in a static position, the sword has abacus – which means fasteners. The entrance to the scabbard is called koi-gusi, the scabbard itself is called saya, and the striking surface of the instrument is called monouchi. The handle, the length of which we called (30 cm) is called tsuka. Shinogi is the edge of a blade. The names seem complicated and incomprehensible at first glance, but we must not forget where martial arts and katana in general came from.

Knowing the katana from the inside, you could easily wield it

You need to know your enemy, like your ally, from the inside. In martial arts, the katana is your ally. Having an idea about its structure and the main parts of the blade, fighting training will no longer seem unrealistic and impossible to you. The main thing is to find the right balance between strength and intelligence, as it is known in the Eastern world.