Modern martial arts are always connected with the beauty of technique and an incredibly long history of development. It is these characteristics that make this sport aesthetic and aristocratic. Although in fact, simplicity is also present there. One of the ancient schools of Japan has also put its efforts into what we now, in 2022, call the new course of martial arts.

The history of the emergence and formation of the Eishin Ryu school itself

Eishin Ryu, also known as Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu for short, was founded in the middle of the 16th century AD. Minamoto no Shigenobu is considered its first founder. What made an ordinary Japanese guy become interested in martial arts and even more so go so far in his hobby as to found an entire school that has survived more than one era? In fact, the stories from the life of Minamoto are extremely mystical and secretive. One thing is known for sure – the young man lived during the time of the Japanese wars, which prompted him to master various techniques. Moreover, there is a version that Minamoto began to study martial arts so carefully in order to take revenge on the enemies who killed his father. This is how a slightly mystical and sad story of human motivation grew into a global event.

Heavy development of fighting techniques in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu

From the moment the school was founded, its founder began to carefully search for his like-minded people for the further development of his business. There were many such applicants, and all of them were eager to develop their life’s work. Thus, a lot of effort and work has been done to develop various techniques for fighting and handling weapons in a fight. The founder of the Muso Jikiden school, Eishin Ryu, even independently developed several of his personal styles, one of which (the most famous that is still used) is called Shinmei Muso-ryu. It was this style of martial art that laid the foundation for the modern version that is used around the world.

Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu also specialized in katana skills

After seven generations and several centuries, new fresh forces and ideas came to the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu school, and in Japan the ideas of using the katana sword in martial arts began to develop. An immediate decision was made to correct some of the evolved styles, among which was the main Shinmei Muso-ryu. It was in it that some changes were made, taking into account the correct possession of the blade. Such an updated style is still considered the standard in the modern world.

Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu School Program

As it was developed almost from the very foundation of the school, authentic orders have been preserved within its walls to this day. Several centuries ago, the founders of the school decided to include all evolved and proven exercises in the training program, both without the practice of fight tools and with them. Since then, and to this day, 45 singles and the same number of paired techniques descend into the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu program. Single techniques, in turn, involve the possession of a long sword – a katana. Such techniques usually include standard movements that are performed in a sitting position or a half-sitting position. As for the paired techniques, they have their own special name – kumitati. Such techniques involve the use of both a long blade (like a katana) and a short one (slightly longer than a dagger).

One way or another, all the teachings, evolutions and technologies were not in vain – they laid the foundation for the modern style of most martial arts.